Pokitto is on the way, what games should I make?


Hey this looks neat!! https://community.arduboy.com/t/wip-maze-of-doom-1-bit-fps/5816





Unfortunately Maze Of Doom was never finished.

If there’s interest in trying to get the author to allow it to be continued on the Pokitto then we (you or I, or both of us) could bring it up with Professeur Guichard (luxregina) and/or Igvina.


@Pharap : if someone does the coding, I don’t mind at all doing the visuals, as usual :slight_smile:


I’d consider chipping in, even moreso if I could convice @filmote to join in.
But it also depends on how much code is already available and what licence Igvina’s willing to release under.


I wouldn’t expect Igvina to release his source, so I’d assume the game has to be started from scratch from the code side (and from the art side as well, since we have some color, I’d definitely make use of them :))


Can we ask him at least? Starting from scratch won’t be as easy.


recent ideas and notes:

  • OMG we don’t have any chess game on Pokitto. Someone please port something like GNU Chess. And other board games as well, of course, like backgammon.
  • Port some GLSL shaders as a fun experiment? For the vector math that mimics GLSL interface there is glm, but you might need to convert it to fixed point. Or similarly, transpile some dweets from JavaScript?
  • Wikipedia has a nice list of open-source games. Potential for ports, like this.


In all honesty I’m getting fed up with ports.
It’s about time we started having some original content instead of just porting everyone else’s leftovers.


I am getting a similar vibe


Pokitto needs a face of it’s own. A new identity all to itself.


Yes you’re right – we’ve been discussing ports so much lately that I am overusing the word, but what I really mean is not a 1:1 port really – more of a “let’s use this chess backend and create a unique chess game out of it.” New graphics, new sounds, new UI, new experience.


You’ve got a raycasting engine and a 3D engine sitting around gathering dust while you make various suggestions that ultimately all amount to “reuse other people’s work instead of creating something completely new and original”.


I know, sorry, I am constantly working on projects (PokittoLibre most recently) but I keep getting these ideas so I feel like I need to drop them somewhere in case anyone felt like implementing them :smile: My next step now is to get back to the 3D engine anyway.


Think of it this way, if you really want to make chess, you can make 3D chess, or raycasted chess.
(Although I’m pretty sure most people would rather have an action game or an RPG/dungeon crawler than chess.)


Or a Fantasy Battle Chess on the pokitto using that 3D engine :wink:


Actually I’ve been thinking about this very idea. But realistically, not at this moment, I’d really like to get back to the 3D.

This is getting near 500 replies :disappointed_relieved:


A game like Archon would be sweet as well…


I would actually prefer Chess :smiley:


Battle Chess would be epic