Pokitto is on the way, what games should I make?


13 puzzles per bin sounds good to me it’s not too bad on the pokitto since we can switch game easily anyway. :wink:


Looks good, except some games crash and fail asserts, will have to debug.



This looks like so much fun!! I love puzzle games :smiley:


I’ve been playing 2048 like crazy so I ah e to agree.


I got stuck on a weird bug, so I’m trying to port UFO racing from META now. It’s a single map racing game that I hope could be another addiction for us time hunters.



that looks almost as if the rendering code is still rendering in the META rendering resolution only instead of the Pokitto resolution, which would explain why the right and downside are not fully rendered, the game may be rendering only a certain amount in advance and that amount needs to be increased to fit the screen?

I am probably not even making sense right now…

EDIT: Also are the puzzle you worked on in a releasable state now?


You’re right about the rendering. I’ll try to make it render in full screen eventually.

The puzzles are stuck on a bug :frowning:


Yep, you can tell a well programmed game by the fact that you can just change the parameters of the screen and it just works.



TIL about META mode – I haven’t found it documented anywhere, but digging in the source codes I found that if you hold HOME and MENU, it starts loading the META mode, which once loaded fully will make the game behave somehow different (this game including, I won’t spoil what it does, you’ll have to find out yourself).


ATM It’s basically working, highscores are saving to EEPROM via Pokitto Cookies, I’ve even reimplemented the META mode and made a simple substitute for the GB onscreen keyboard. I’m just having problems with sound:

Probably my mistake, but all I am hearing is a very silent low frequency noise whose pitch seems to depend on FPS :open_mouth: No real sound coming out.

I tried to map the GB functions playTick and playOK to Pokitto equivalents. I also tried other functions but none seem to work. Is this API and the functions working at the moment? The lack of comments makes it look WIP.

Is there any reference and/or demos on the sound? I’ve only found the synthesizer, which seems a bit outdated and different from what I need.

Also emulator doesn’t support sound yet, right?


Is the code visible somewhere?


#define PROJ_GBSOUND 1


Yes, here, here is the function mapping.


Thanks! Gonna check it out later today!


Thanks, no rush :slight_smile: I’ll probably figure it out sooner or later somehow.

This produces continuous tone (2 tones):


while (pokitto.isRunning()) { pokitto.update(); }
metaSave.begin("METAufoR",sizeof(metaSave),(char *) &metaSave); // cookie

while this only beeps at the start and then stops


metaSave.begin("METAufoR",sizeof(metaSave),(char *) &metaSave); // cookie
while (pokitto.isRunning()) { pokitto.update(); }


Okay, so if I comment out the line

metaSave.begin("METAufoR",sizeof(metaSave),(char *) &metaSave); // cookie

and otherwise disable the cookie and add the #define PROJ_GBSOUND 1 to My_settings.h, the gamebuino sounds work (current state of the repo). But:

  • I need to enable the cookie in order to save highscores.
  • The silent ticking noise is still there. EDIT: The noise is there even in other gamebuino games, such as this one! @jonne can you test it on your Pokitto and see if it’s a bug in PokittoLib? It can be heard in this vid: VIDEO0145.3gp (1.4 MB).


Well I get that same kind of noise on multiple Pokitto games, even those with no sounds at all. First that comes to mind is Pokitto GP…


I think it has something to do with how that amp is connected. I had the same issue with my video player. Accessing the SD card will cause either a beep or a click, depending on which SD functions are used. I’m sure it will be easy to figure out what the issue is if we look hard enough…


I’d really like to finish something for once :smiley: I have a number of options here in case we can’t solve these. I can save to SD card instead of EEPROM, but that’s a bit awkward. I can also drop sound, which would be acceptable, it doesn’t play a big role, and could be added later.

Also we run on a higher framerate so I have to check the time measure is the same as on META, as I think it actually counts frames.


Just leaving this idea here: after the text editor we should also create a simple paint program (could also work as an image viewer).

EDIT: I’d want to name it something like GIMP, but replacing G at the beginning with P would be unfortunate :smile:


The G is already unfortunate. (See Wiktionary etymology #2.)


If you ask me I’m all in for these acronyms, I like to invent them on purpose even… but this specific forum is such a lovely place on the Internet where everyone talks nicely, and I want to keep it that way :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t notice this because it was an edit in the thread, not a new topic.

I’ll try to get time to have a look

EDIT: are you sure your Pokitto is not running low on power?

EDIT: I watched the video. I’ll try to recreate the problem today.