Pokitto is on the way, what games should I make?


Pokitbeasts :wink: but yes basically that


It means the opposite :smiley: Use any license you want.

My personal wish is it remains free software, under whatever license – I’d probably choose MIT because it’s simpler, but really I want to give the users all the freedoms including licensing. The reason I use CC0 is simply that for all intended purposes I really don’t need any reserved rights.

I know this more than anyone, don’t worry, there’s no expectations or obligations, all just hypothetical talk :slight_smile:

Only grid so far. I wanted to have 45 degree walls as well but dropped that for now. Each square has an arbitrary floor and ceiling height. The drawing system is similar to fragment/pixel shaders – you give the library a function that will be drawing pixels to Pokitto screen. The library will then render the scene and hand info about each pixel (coordinates, distance/depth, wall/floor, texture coords etc.) to your function to handle the pixel, so you can process it in any way you want.


Amazing FPSes! I know it is really hard to squeeze this kind of performance out of Pokitto.


Aaaaalright, I’ve figured out the floor formula :slight_smile: (Haven’t normalized sizes by screen height.) There’s one minor bug I want to focus on, but that’s irrelevant now.

I’d like to present you the updated bins:

demo1.bin (70.2 KB)

demo2.bin (66.2 KB) <— with floor texture

demo2_no_floor_super_fast.bin (65.8 KB) <— just a mirror effect on floor, close to 60 FPS

(not posting demo3, hasn’t changed much)

Check it out on your Pokittos if you want :slight_smile: In demo 2 I have a lotta compile time settings to try out. With lower settings you can double the X resolution.


Very impressive. I can’t help thinking though, that it might benefit from some sort of analog control, a trackball or joystick hat for example.


That would be wonderful experience! Imagine a 3D racing game with the joystick.

That reminds me, we need this for Pokitto:

I used to be a Trackmania addict :frowning:


Stunt Car Racer was my favourite!


Hmm I suddenly recall someone makes a 3d game for the old gamebuino but for the life of my I can’t remember what it’s was called, it was definitely some sort of flat polygon rendering


testing all the demo’s, there some trouble with sprites draw order in demo1
do love the jump, and the moving floor stretching the tiles just cought me chucling at how that looked (its amazing)
i guess that needs to have some sort of tileing flag instead of stretching the graphic

in demo 2 the floor impressed me allot on both versions the mirror finish look is realy interesting
also i find it funny the doors always open from the left (do find that the doors alway colide with the bullet)

i dont think the controls are that bad at all with the dpad, the abilaty to strafe is well implemented and natural to use, i think you can do some prety good combat with this


OMG I just remember I’ve seen something like that on Gamebuino META Kickstarter. Here it is (left)!

Totally need this.

Could you capture it somehow? :slight_smile: Or at least describe how to reproduce it.

I’m afraid it’s simply inaccuracy of the engine – there is only 1D Z-buffer and the sprites are sorted with bubble sort over multiple frames, so you’ll sometimes see weird stuff. People may be able to improve on this as sprite rendering wasn’t specifically the focus of my library. I offer world geometry rendering and helper functions such as mapping the sprite 3D position to screen position, but the rest (drawing, scaling, visibility) is left for the library users.


I thought it was a mockup

EDIT: somebody correct if I am wrong


Might be helpful


I think so, though looks not far from a complete playable game. If the code was somewhere, I’d like to make it run on Pokitto. I bet even if you find the code there will be no license, so it’ll remain all up to me again to reinvent this from scratch I guess :slight_smile:

Such super awesome project – completely different approach, using vectors – no textures but definitely must be fast as hell to draw.

But as I say, no license anywhere to be found. :slight_smile: Oh well.


Well can always look at it’s process and how they optimize it,
Video tutorial of a guy making similar stuff

I also have some old polygon engine somewhere writen in Lua


I’m not really a tutorial person, but it’s always good to have these resources around, just in case, so thanks :slight_smile:

I usually know the general techniques used in CG and have some experience with OpenGL and a few engines. What I lack is knowledge of microcontrollers and experience with low level optimization. That’s where I feel I’m learning the most right now.

Then share with us, I’d love to see it :slight_smile: If you scroll through this thread I’ve linked to a simple 3D engine in C that I would possibly like to port to Pokitto.

Or maybe you could try if you want – in the meantime, until I finish my engine. You have experience with graphics when you’ve written your own engine, right?


Yeah I’ll see if I can find it but it relies on allot of Lua features like not deep table copy and stuff

Yeah I have wrestled with opengl before so I Know a bit
But the math is always way to complicated so I’m not much use on optizing matricies


Ok, that makes life easy enough.

I prefer Apache 2.0 because it requires someone to state that they’ve modified the original.

That might sound like a hassle, but even just putting "modified by " at the top of each file under the licence notice is good enough, so actually it’s not that much effort over MIT.

I like it because it helps to ensure that the right person gets blamed for breaking the code. :P

I like Lua.

And that reminds me of this:

I was there the day Nitrogenfingers made the forum post announcing that. (Nice guy. Australian.)
He probably inspired me more than I realised at the time.

That can be done in C++ too.
Lua is actually implemented in C.


Okay so we have ceilings now in the demo. Actually the rendering function only computes floor texture coordinates, which I simply mirror for ceiling, so it’s cheap. There is a little bit of FPS drop of course because of the need to do more texture sampling. If you’re okay with having the ceiling be same as floor then it’s practically for free: you just mirror the floor pixel to the top.

This is solid 35 FPS on Pokitto.


With full x-resolution it looks like this:


And runs above 20 FPS.


My brother tells me it looks like System Shock as well :smiley: (I never played it.) Me personally it somewhat reminds of Doom 2016 – an excellent game (last proprietary game I played I think). I’m thinking about developing this demo into a similar game maybe. Will be thinking about possible plot and setting.


It’s very eary (spooky) look, perfect for a space theme.
Can you combine the floor/cealing maping with the castle level ?

The vibe I’m starting to get also id a bit of a Metroid feel (I never played prime so memory is vage and I know that full 3D)


That’s solid voodoo.