Pokitto is family


So I’ve been mulling this over for a couple of weeks, I didn’t want to sound like some sort of attention/sympathy horse but I wanted to make sure just how important this little orange and white friend is.

Middle of June I had a heart attack and was in the hospital for 5 days during that time the only visitors I had were the nurses. They misplaced my clothes luckily the stuff in my pockets was there my phone and pokitto. That little device kept me company and entertained during the literally maddening days stuck there. I played the game boy 2048 most, I even tried Abbey but I cannot do those Nintendo hard games anymore.

I feel great now, still the doc is holding me out of work until the follow up so I’m using the time to rest exercise (lost 15£ so far) and brush up on my guitar.

There is an idea for a hat a guitar tuner hat with
6 string
6 string ukelele (what I currently have)
4 string ukelele

I can imagine the hats I just could never make it lol.


With the experience of this accumulated community I bet there is someone with enough experience to make a tuner hat happen :smile:

Sorry to hear about such a scary life event! I couldn’t imagine.


I’m happy to hear you survived your heart attack & on the way to recovery. Great stuff. I can also say this is one of the most heartwarming stories related to Pokitto so far. As the “father” of Pokitto, it’s not a small thing to me.

As for the tuner, I have no idea how they work in practise. I think they are some sort of vibration/accelerometer tech (at least the ones I see that need to be clipped to the guitar)


Impressive that you had such luck and strength in your situation. And so nice to hear that pokitto was your little pal that helped you recover.


Wouldn’ t it be some kind of spectrum analyser? And then the fundamental frequency should be determined and compared to the desired frequency?


no that is far more complicated. i am 100% sure the simple tuners are based on vibration not sound spectrum analysis


You’e probably right. I was thinking more about the tuning apps for the smartphone for example.


I also think the tuner applications work by analyzing the spectrum… which is analyzing the vibrations… There are also things like autocorrelation.


From the article:

It can also be used to estimate the pitch of a musical tone.


I have a clip on, it says it reads the vibrations when clipped and it has a mic also.