Pokitto going live tomorrow 28th on Kickstarter at 11 PDT, 2pm NY, 8pm DE/IT/SP!

Going live at

11 am Pacific Daylight Time (California)
2 pm New York
8 pm Germany / Italy / Spain

250 earlybirds at ridiculously low price, better be there on time !!!


Early bird price is 39 dollar. Is there anything you can say about the final price?

49 dollars

54 dollars fully assembled (if you feel you cant put legos together)

Only 250 early birds holly cow! No way I’m gonna make it :sweat: I’ll leave France on Friday 4 PM CET and land China somewhere around 4-5 PM CET on Saturday, talk about a perfectly bad timing!!

Oh well I’m going to get the non early bird reward anyway :wink: I guess it’ll be USD 44?

One thing I hope is cheaper transport fees compared to the Arduboy (they were half the price of the early bird unit! USD 15 Vs USD 29)
@jonne will you be able to have dedicated stock/logistics for Europe on one side, and for America on the other?

postage is 5 EUR, yes coming from Finland

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woohoo! that’s great news Jonne! :smile:

Raaaaa i hope, i could buy it à 8pm before the stock go to 0.

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That’s really reasonable and fair!

Is shipping trackable? If not i can pay more for tracking number.

Thanks for the tip. I will see if I can add that option.