Pokitto Gamedisk v07 RELEASED

#1. Make sure you have the latest loader

Flash this .bin to your device

start.bin (256 KB)

#2. Extract gamedisk contents to SD card

(remember, card in FAT32 format!)



That video’s an excellent advertisement for the Pokitto.

Yes, indeed. Excellent video! The music really makes a difference :slight_smile:
As some people do not have time or patience to watch all of the video, there could be also a shorter game advertising video, say 15-30 seconds, which only shows a couple of seconds of each game, and maybe the pace is faster and faster towards the end.

Personally, when I first see an interesting device, it is the game catalog that really makes me to want to buy it!


I agree. This video was geared more towards people who already have a pokitto. Just to let you know there is a new release very soon.

I will make a faster video

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It’s ready!

This disk transforms your Pokitto experience!!


Broken link?

Yep. Just a minute

Fixed (directory permissions)

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I just get a black screen on anything that uses the current version of the PokittoLib. :confused:

Whaaaa? I’ve tested this over and over.

Lemme check again

EDIT: just downloaded it from link, extracted, put on SD and everything runs fine

I kept testing, got many black screens. The first one to work was Intro.bin, I think.
After that, the games I’d tested before started working. :dizzy_face:

Did you directly flash them to the device or did you get the black screens flashing via the loader?

Loader V4, from the SD. Maybe it was something in the EEPROM?

Yes. That is it. The timeouts for the sound volume screen were not in the EEPROM.

Intro.bin is intended for testing, so it makes sure the timeouts are there

Ah, makes sense. I wonder if that’s also what’s causing the issue that was reported on the “Hello World” project.

Most likely. I need to check that.

I am unable to replicate the black screen.

At what point does it occur? Before or after the Pokitto logo?

After the “press C for loader” message.

Thanks for the new disk, works fine and is a great step forward.

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I have found that the loader screen has become very slow. It seems to have happened after I copied the few hundred games from that emulator, but even after deleting them all it is still very slow. Maybe the loader changed around that time also?

[edit] Formatting the sd card got it back to normal. perhaps it was too fragmented or something (yes I know that isn’t supposed to be a problem with sd cards, but still…)

Nice video. Pokitto, the ultimate games machine!