Pokitto Fonts Gif

Hi everyone. I created fonts gif. I think it’s useful.

If you want to use any of this fonts just add “font” prefix to its name. For example “font3x3” or “fontDonut” and use.


As a graphic designer, I think it’s really cool that Pokitto will support multiple system fonts.

I made some pixel fonts for two of the “fantasy consoles” and I am happy to port them to Pokitto. I would just need to have an example file of one of the fonts already included (I assume it is a bitmap).

The fonts I made:

MONOLIKO for LIKO-12 is 4x5 monospace font focusing on legibility

BIT.FUNKY for TIC-80 is a 5x5 monospace and varied width font inspired by 80s microcomputer fonts (mainly c64), but with a “bit of funky feel”


I’m not designed these fonts and i don’t know how it’s works :sweat_smile: maybe @jonne can help you :slight_smile:

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@VonBednar @NullMember creating fonts is very easy. I will write more about it here soon.

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Tutorial started