I use VSCode and PlatformIO for Pokitto.

There were some teething problems early on, but after relocating one or two files I have absolutely no issues and setting up a project is just a matter of copy-pasting and renaming a folder.

It’s much easier to use than EmBitz because you don’t have to go fiddling with target settings.


I’ve recently updated and it rise again the problem with c++11

That’s a major selling point for me, together with easy lib update

But I’d like to debug the code with break point, step execution, watch windows etc etc.
Is there a guide for that?


Give me a moment to remember how to fix that.
I’m reasonably confident I had to edit a file somewhere in \.platformio\packages\framework-mbed\.

Could you post the contents of your \.platformio\packages\framework-mbed\platformio\variants\LPC11U68\LPC11U68.json file?
I’ve got a feeling that might be the one.

I haven’t been able to get that working yet.

Every time I try to use the Cortext plugin it says “Couldn’t find a compatible version of Cortex-Debug with this version of Code.”, so I need to get round to updating my VSCode install.


I remember using these things with the Cortex plugin and that it was relatively easy to setup. Two caveats: everything in VSCode is configured by editing JSON files (less intuitive than a nice UI, but easier than emacs’ lisp), and you’ll get much better results if you’re compiling with -O0 and -g (or was it -ggdb).

I stopped using graphical debuggers since most of the time I use -O3 and need to see the disassembly. Command-line GDB was the only thing that didn’t fall apart with my weird code. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve already fixed as the last time thanks anyway.

So this should work also with your emulator? Enabling gdb?
Could I deploy/upload directly to the emulator from vscode?

Should I open a new Thread to query the current state of the development tools? I feel actually there are different approach to code for Pokitto right now.


Didn’t notice that.
That would have saved me a few minutes of searching. :P


  • PokittoLib +
    • EmBitz (Windows only, C++11)
    • Mbed online (C++98, no inline assembly)
    • Code::Blocks (C++11)
      • (Last time I tried I couldn’t compile it)
    • Emacs + make
    • VIM + make
  • PokittoIO + PlatformIO (C++11) +
    • VSCode
    • Atom
    • Possibly others

I don’t know if there’s an ‘official’ IDE, but I tihnk we ought to be heading down the PlatformIO route.
It has a lot of positives and very few negatives.


I can confirm it works with C++11

I’d like it would be only one :grin:

I like Visual Studio, vscode is close enough on capabilities, I’m only missing the debugger right now.