Pokitto Clubs?

When I was kid there was Atari and Amiga clubs in my town.People were talking there,playing games,making music or coding games,watching demos.There was local “magazines” for club members.Something like Hackerspace but for only one platform.So we are from different cities and villages around world.So what about Pokitto clubs?
Also there can be every year Pokitto party/festival/expo with talk/new releases/hw demonstration…Like MacExpo…So clubs will promote Pokitto in every town.Expo will be full of news,meeting new developers it will create scene.


Maybe at least virtual PUG meeting (Pokitto Users Group) could be held, as Jonne mentioned in some post.
A magazine would be nice :slight_smile: . Arduboy has one already.


Maybe magazine that runs on Pokitto its self.I remember some disk magazines in 90s.Virtual club can be done on irc or facebook thats right.Or on some kind of multi-skype like app.

The main problem is having the people to maintain it.
A magazine needs authors and editors with the spare time and the good will to manage it.

I’d argue that technically just having a forum account here already gets you into the best Pokitto club going - the Pokitto forums.

(I’m not inherantly agains the idea, it just needs to be properly defined and thought out and the availability of people and resources needs to be guaranteed.)


@Pharap - Maybe diskmagazine every half year https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_magazine
So no need write stuff every day.
For clubs.You know they was like coworking space.