Pokitto cloud tools & wiki & website development

@crait @Shdwwzrd @epicdude312 (and others :grinning:) here goes

In response to the question What we need to make Pokitto a successful gaming platform? and Idea: maybe make a Wikia wiki?

Things to solve and questions to you all. List will be edited and updated.

1. wiki

A better wiki (clearer structure) than can be made with Discourse (the forum software) is clearly needed. Wikia (as suggested by @epicdude312) is an option, and I have nothing against having a fan-made wiki also. But I think the main Wiki should be on the Pokitto website.

Now, my question to misters @crait and @Shdwwzrd:

  1. how difficult is it to have the auth for Discourse as auth for a wiki hosted on Pokitto.com server? The main site and the forum run on different servers and ISPs (GoDaddy for the main site… i know, but it was cheap, and DigitalOcean for the Discourse on nodeJS)
  2. any suggestions for a good wiki system
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I know nothing about Wiki’s.

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Sorry, I have never used discourse auth or made a wiki.

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I like https://moinmo.in/

At work we use https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence - but it is not free.

And of course there’s also https://m.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki

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I once used Trello. Loved it.

I can’t help pick out a Wiki, but can say that adding a Wiki to the DeviationTx project was about the best thing we ever did for documentation.

The project is fairly popular, and the drone explosion has given it lots of extra legs - we’re the easiest option for controlling dozens of different toy-grade drones with a hobby-grade transmitter, which can turn an unflyable brick into a really nice craft.

Ok, enough promotion. Before the 5.0 release, the only place we had for user-supported contributions was the forums - which were great for discussion, but lousy for documentation. Because of the latter, people had stuff scattered across blogs and youtube videos all over the net.

This might not seem like a bad thing, but that information tended to go out of date. We got a lot of “How do I do XXXX” or “YYYY is broken” to which the response was “Fixed N years ago, just update”. Worse yet, we got “I did what it said on and it failed”, and the answer was "that documents an N year old version. Please read the official docs at <…>.

A wiki that allows anyone to edit it (and keeps history in case it’s defaced) means people can fix or enhance these things as they get interested, as opposed to them being frozen in time when the author lost interest.

Since the pokitto is more likely to succeed if we plan for success, please plan for success by providing a place for user-contributed and editable documentation!


MediaWiki is great, the auth can be done rather simply with the auth_remoteuser plugin;

I must say I don’t know a thing about Discourse, and only operate two MediaWiki instances. But it’s possible :).

Have any of you ever used Github’s pared-down Wiki engine? It is horrible.

Dokuwiki is free and easy to use.

You only need a web server with PHP support. No database required and it has lots of plugins.