Pokitto behind-the-scenes video & the surprise we promised

Surprise at 1:50


Lovely !!!

We need photos of different color combinaison to make the best choose (well best choose == depending of the feelling of each backer :slight_smile: )

They seem all great !!!

Transparent colors look very fancy!

Regards to Tuomo also! He is becoming a really good Pokitto salesman :wink:

Do we have to stick with a single colour for all of the buttons?
What I would like is transparent front+back, black dpad and c/start button and red A+B buttons. would this sort of option be possible?

What great news! Will there also be an option for a colourless transparent casing as shown by you in the video?

I’m currently visiting Finland and had a look at the Helsinki Computer and Game Console Museum (http://www.tietokonemuseo.net/) today. Soon they will be able to add the Pokitto to their collection. :slight_smile: There should also be a Pokitto exhibited in the Design Museum (http://www.designmuseum.fi/) in the room where the Finnish computer games are displayed. :slight_smile:


Question: since the case parts & buttons are exchangeable, would you be interested in buying more than 1 set of parts?

I didn’t think about this in enough detail before, but now we are making it very difficult for people to choose. Almost all the color combinations look great. In addition to the transparent colors, we have the clear transparent & black & white & full color (non transparent) as well.

So if we keep the postage fee as included in the Kickstarter, would 7.9 USD for additional set (back, front, keys all selectable) be something we should offer as an option? I know I would have a hard time just settling for one choice.

Let me know how you feel and I will start organizing it. Then you could mix and match as much as you want.

@spinal : buttons need to be ordered as a full set because thats how they come out of the machine, sorry


I wouldn’t mind ordering a second set, I think it would be great.

yeah i’m tempted for 2 also. :wink:

Yes, you should add this option.


Nice transparent green!

I might also buy extra parts, if availabe.

Yes the ability to order just case parts is good.

Very eager to get hands on actual stuff !!! Very nice work Pokitto Team !!!:clap:

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Thanks! We have all the plastic parts now, just waiting for the electronics to arrive and we can start assembling.


:cry: I still have to wait though.