Pokitto API is up!

Aha? Oh yeah ! >>> https://www.pokitto.com/pokittoapi/

Edit: improvements, more documentation & examples coming up

The important thing I can now auto-generate the whole API, meaning I can make it keep in sync with the development



neat, odd question, is there a way to link people to a specific page? would help out if people have questions to directly link to the function

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Its possible. Just go to pokitto.com/api instead and navigate to the page to get a link

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This’ll be a lot easier to use than the Discourse wiki. Now all we need is a special fork of Code::Blocks where you can press ctrl+’ to open the API page for the highlighted function like what Unity does :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be willing to contribute some documentation if you’d like :wink:

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Can the search functionality be improved in any way?

Like with partial match of the search terms?

Also, it would be great if some descriptions included an example, I know it is a lot of work but maybe we can add those

Short examples would be great. MSDN documentation is a good example of that. Anybody browsing the source code can add examples and make a Git Pull Request.

There should be a possibility to make a link to other API functions so that we could use one example for several functions.

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@eried & @Hanski
I think the documentation is generated with Doxygen so adding documentation should be just a matter of adding specialised comments to the library, which can be done with forks and PRs.

I’m not sure how often the documentation is regenerated though, or how many Doxygen features it supports. If we can clarify that we could maybe start a github milestone and get people to contribute documentation and/or examples.

I’m not sure how to improve the search though, it’s probably possible but I couldn’t pull it off.
(I really don’t like Javascript for a start.)

Maybe enabling server side search? http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/manual/searching.html

Possibly. I don’t know what capabilities the server has, that’s something for @jonne to answer.

Thanks for a good tip @eried, that can be done.

The API is 100% pure Doxygen output, so regeneration is very simple indeed.