Pokitbeasts (open rpg project)


You really should. It’s got a chapter on bytecode too.


still looking for someone who can compose me a song of some sort

(also not sure how to load and play the tracker stuff anyone got info on that?)


Maybe if you give some info about what you need exactly for a song.

  • Duration
  • Style
  • what is that song for? (title screen, battle, credits, events)


if at all posible something fantasy themed i personely like allot of castlevania’s themes if thats an insperation point
duration is a hard call but i would say it to be prety short cuz i mainly need something for testing out the sound system
i need songs for title, overworld, battles pick what you like



I tried to add some detail. Not extremely happy with it, but since I invested the time, let me post it.


Also let me state that everything I post here is CC0 as well, so feel free to build upon it.


oh wow nice, love how you did the shading
by all means add as much detail as you like and even add more colors then the 5 or so currently in use
i like the little edits aswell realy polishes it up

got a good name for this fella? i just mashed to keyboard an came up with “lunsic” wen i saved it


I try a few creatures, I had two ideas yesterday at work but lost them cause I was busy cutting 60 tip roasts lol.


neat cant wait what you got in store.


im currently looking at playing music and its a bit of an isue since i dont know anything about it
i tried to do a little tune on the pokitto tracker (it makes allot of random static noises)
BATTLLE.rbs (44.9 KB)
so i got this file now and idk what to do with it, it seems to be all plain text so that has to get converted to something more usable , music isnt my element so idk what is even going on here
what is the pokitto even expecting to play a track? i see this playMusicStream but i think that might conflict with my map loading, im not sure what that is expecting


I think @jonne said some time ago that he will take the player code from Pokitto Tracker and put it in PokittoLib but I guess that is not ready yet.


oh well if thats the only way to do it i need to hold of on music i guess, unless someone has experience with this sorta stuff its not going to progress much


Don’t worry. I just solved the pixel art toolchain once and for all. I’ll continue work on the tracker & playback lib next


Tried to create a few additions to your tileset:


(Mostly just took some of my Arduboy tiles and added color.)


these look awsome, nice work. will be mergin them in to the overworld tileset


Now I remember one of them, the Hambeast.
Looks like a ham, to lure in unwary hungry travelers.


i see sort off like a mimic or mirage
now if you can draw it to see how that look :wink:


I might be able to think of some monster designs if I had a better feel for what the the game’s style and setting are going to be like.


  • Are the monsters going to be cartoony or realistic?
  • Are they going to be humanoid or animal-like?
  • Are mechanical monsters allowed
  • Is there some kind of guideline for how they should look stylistically?

Pokemon (for the most part) tend to look more like animals and tend to be simple and cartoony.
Monsters from Dragon Quest tend to look sort of cartoony but with a mix of realism and a lot more humanoid and mechanical monsters
Monsters from Final Fantasy tend to be notably realistic and look more like traditional scary/demonic monsters.

Mixing styles tends to look cheap and messy, it’s better to aim for a particular style.

Maybe a few references of what style designs should be aiming for would be useful.

Also are monster names going to be portmanteaus like Pokemon, or puns, jokes and general names like Dragon Quest?

Actually I’ve just looked at CC0 and it seems that things released under CC0 don’t require attribution.
Attribution is important to me, so I don’t think I’ll be contributing any monster designs, I’ll just stick to programming advice.
Let me know if things change to CC BY or CC BY-SA.

  • leaning towards cartoony and colorfull
  • both humandoid and animals
  • mechanical beasts are allowed but prefer to stick high fantasy so like golums over robots
  • the guidlines are currently a bit lose but moslty think dragonquest i guess since its closest related but the artwork is angled like in pokemon (mosters look forward and sligtly left like the pokemon battles, dragonquest usualy is front facing art)

i hope thats sort of resolves any isues you have

huh? why is that? CC0 is needed since people can modify it witout having to concent of the origenal creator, dousnt mean there is no attribution as im allready giving credit to any work that comes in, but keeping track of who did what especialy wen arts going to be modified it makes no sence to attribution. this is also better for any “fan art” type work. im sorry to disapoint you but im sticking with public domain as i feel thats important for sociaty


ok i looked more into it and maybe you have a point with the endorsment part as theres potential scrooteny from corprate greed,
aswell as ShareAlike would not be a negative and ensures the openess i personaly desire

i would like to ask if everyone else is in agrement to switch to CC BY-SA 4.0
mainly asking @Pharap and @drummyfish as you both have already contributed to the project and changing a licence willynilly defeats the point of a licence


Things contributed from me will remain CC0, which means you can relicense them to whatever you want, so no problem from my side :slight_smile:

It’s true that CC-BY-SA will probably bring in more contributors, so it’s a good step to take.


Yep, that gives me a better idea.

My issue isn’t “corporate greed”, my issue is attribution
(If you want to avoid that then you’d have to use one of the CC BY-NC variants,
because only the NC clause stops people from reselling a CC-licenced work.)

I’m certainly happier with one of the BY licences.
Personally I’d be tempted to add in NC to that list if you’re worried about the possibility of someone taking the art and selling it, but it’s a bit of a tough choice because that also rules out things like people getting the art printed on T-shirts for a price (unless they ask permission).
(Sadly there’s no easy way to draw a line between small business and big business when it comes to licencing.)

I know you’ve crossed it all out now, but I want to address your original point anyway.

The reason is because attribution is important to me.
I go out of my way to credit everyone who makes a contribution to any games that I create.
I have a Credits.md in my FixedPoints library.
In a certain game that I’m currently working on (which I’m aiming to release tomorrow, in which case I’ll mention it here),
I’ve actually put the credits into comments in the source code so that people are still credited even if the git info is removed.

Depriving a creator of attribution can hurt the creator’s motivation,
which can in turn lead them to refusing to produce more work,
which (in my opinion) causes more harm than requiring attribution does.
Having to provide credit can be time consuming, but I think it’s a small price to pay for the sake of giving recognition to someone who deserves recognition,
especially since a number of artists tend to be slightly neurotic about their art.

Asking someone to provide art for free is one thing,
asking someone to provide art and not be credited for their creation is an entirely different prospect.
Plenty of artists are happy to create art for free,
but a lot of artists would not be happy with the idea of their art being used without crediting them.

Under CC0 there’s no requirement to state who the original author is.
Under any of the CC BY variant licences the ‘BY’ part is the part that requires the original author to be credited.

To clarify: all Creative Commons licences allow people to use a creation without having to ask permission.

Before you set anything in stone, have a read of the 'License Deed’s for all the different CC BY licences so you’re sure you understand them:


(They’re also available in lots of other languages for people whose ‘native tongue’ is better than their English, which is still quite a rare thing sadly.)

You could always provide a list of approved licences so people can choose which licence to contribute under.
Sticking to just one or two licences will make crediting easier, but providing a choice will probably make some people more willing to donate.

I’ll wait for your reply before deciding what to do about my deleted post.
No doubt you’ve already seen it since you’re a moderator too.


I’d probably lose interest in this project if NC was added, because then it’s not considered libre. You could still use my contributions I provided until now, but I wouldn’t be creating any more.

I think CC-BY-SA is a nice compromise between completely free and proprietary and will bring in most people.

With that said, the choice is for @adekto to make :slight_smile:


I basically agree with @Pharap on everything except adding the NC clause. Please, take your time and read about the CC licenses, they’re not difficult to understand but important.

Basically the issue now is whether to add the NC clause. It would disallow the corporations to make money off of it, but for a big price of disallowing anyone (except you) to use it commercially, which puts many people off, because it’s kind of a vague term and a lot of people will be hesitant to use the work in any way at all because there’s no clear way to say what a commercial usage is (e.g. if you’re creating badges with Pokibeasts and handing them out for free, i.e. non-commercially, aren’t you actually promoting yourself a bit and in effect your other potential businesses etc.? Only courts will rule this out). For this reason, NC-licensed works aren’t considered “free as in freedom” any more, unlike the CC-BY-SA, which is totally fine.

Also note that the idea of corporations “stealing” the work is often a paranoid one, because corporations want to have a complete control over the work, which with CC-BY-SA they won’t have (they have to share it under the same license). By using your work they themselves would have to reshare their own work freely, even to their competitors. So they never do this (I’ve never even heard of any case of a corporation “stealing” a work like this). They rather invest a bit of money to create their own, completely copyright-protected works.

CC-BA-SA is the most common license I’ve seen used. It’s used by big games, such as 0AD, Ryzom (huge MMORPG), SuperTuxKart (actually only CC-BY) etc.

The NC in my view is mostly suitable for books, because of the specifics of the book publishing business, and that’s the typical use I’ve seen, but it’s not that suitable for programs and games, which are a lot different in nature (the business is nowadays practically not based on distributing physical copies anymore, which is still the case with books).

For these reason I think CC-BY-SA is the best choice.


(Sorry for delayed editing now that the issue has been resolved, but I just came across a nice article that explains the issues that the free community has with the NC licenses more in depth. For the interested reader, it’s here.)