Pok15 Art Contest - Themes



The discourse thread was closed before someone could provide me with full details,
but thankfully someone PMed me to tell me where the setting is.

Aparently it’s an admin-only setting located under the plugins area (the url will end with /admin/site_settings/category/plugins).

So when you’ve got time, up that to something between 30 and 50 and it won’t be a problem for any future contests.

The person who provided the information & screenshot (Nichalas Petranek) was helpful, but after a sympathetic reply from Nichalas, Jeff Atwood swooped in and closed the PM.

Jeff Atwood (a.k.a. ‘codinghorror’) has just lost any respect I may have had for him.



Just over 16 hours remaining.


It’s begining to look like we might have a 4-way tie for 4th and 5th place.

Also, just under 2 1/2 hours remaining.



The poll is over.

We have ended up with a 4-way tie,
so there are going to be 7 themes rather than 5.

The main thread has been updated with rules and other information and the contest itself will begin tomorrow.


Wouldn’t it be better to round down to 3 themes instead?
I thought there was going to be just 1 theme.


I think just one theme would be too restricting.
If there was only going to be one theme then we wouldn’t have needed as many suggestions.

The contest phase itself will start tomorrow so there’s not much time to be debating it.

Personally I think having more themes will give people more choice and flexibility.
If there are other people who think that 3 themes would be better than 7 then I’ll consider reducing it:

  • 7 themes
  • 3 themes

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Like I say though, the contest itself will begin tomorrow, so there’s not much time for debating this.

Additionally, if there are only going to be 3 themes, the minimum number of themes someone will have to use in their art will be 1.
If there are going to be 7 themes then the minimum number of themes will be 3.
(This will be added to the rules before/when the contest starts.)


Wait, what? We’re not ready to go yet.

@Pharap: it doesn’t work like this. We need to have the competition page & other info for social media channels 100% ready before the competition is kicked off.


What sort of ‘other information’?

I was intending to write the competition/submission thread and set it on a timer so that the competition begins when it’s automatically posted.

The rules (barring the rule about themes, which I delayed adding in case we ended up with a tie) and event dates are currently on the ‘status’ page.

Information about how to submit an entry would have been available on the comptetition/submission thread.

I can certainly publish the page prior to the competition starting if that would be more useful.

Regarding social media, I had assumed that the intent would be to get people to post ‘tweets’ using a ‘hashtag’ like “#pok15contest” or “#pok15compo”, but now I take it that there’s more to it than that?

(As I suspect many people have realised by now, I don’t use Twitter or Facebook.)


Is this stalled or something happening under the covers? I really wait to see the results :slight_smile: If there are nice Pokitto themed entries we could make it to t-shirts or mugs later.


I’ve got the next thread ready, but I’m currently waiting on @jonne to give it the ok.
He’s quite busy working on some things that affect the future of the Pokitto, some of which involve travelling and meetings.

(I think he also wants to set up some social media pages when he has the time.)

For updates, look to the status page (which is currently globally pinned):


@pharap going to come back to this in the weekend so we get this rolling!


So 160x160 x chip8 16 colors palette??? Theme: Ancient Mechanism / Fantasy RPG?
Deadline??? PNG or ???


Matej: since a contest is a good way to geberate publicity, we’re waiting until I have restocked the shop (in a week or so).