Pok15 Art Contest - Themes



In order to rectify the problem, I think the first step should be to eliminate some suggestions.

So firstly I’m going to ask:
Is anyone is willing to withdraw one of their ideas?

Since I’m the one suggesting this, I’m happy to withdraw some of my suggestions:

  • Tapestry
  • Expressionism

That brings us down to 28.

I’m also going to ask
Is anyone willing to merge their ideas?

Again, since I’m the one suggesting this, I’m going to do that for two of my ideas.

I’m going to merge Historic Buildings and Antiques into History.

That brings us down to 27.

I’m going to make an executive decision to decline the ‘Famous Paint(ings)’ suggestion.

I’m going to rule that as originality is an important factor, ‘Famous Paint(ings)’ is too likely to tempt people to just copy a famous painting without altering it.

(Not to mention the potential copyright issues and temptation to cheat by scaling down a photo and reducing the image to 16 colours using software.)

That brings us down to 26


Lets have a vote of some kind? I think 5 themes is more than enough


That’s kind of the point.

I was going to open a poll so people could vote on the poll,
but aparently you can’t make a poll with more than 20 options.

Perhaps there’s an admin option to increase the number?


2 polls of 14 each :wink: ?


That would be easier, but the problem is how to group them/divide them up.

I was intending to give people 5 votes so we have 5 themes.
If someone only wanted to pick 5 from the second set and we divided the 5 votes between the two polls then that person would be stuck.

We could give everyone enough votes so that they could pick 5 from each and trust them to only use 5 votes.
I’d be concerned about ‘cheating’ though.

The other problem would be counting them.
Polls display votes as percentages.
It is possible to figure out how many votes each option got, but it’s more effort.


I’ve asked over at discourse’s meta area to see if they’ll add a way to increase the vote limit. (Thread here.)

If there’s no indication that action is going to be taken within the next 12 hours then I’ll split the suggestions into two polls and we’ll have to make do.

While I think of it though…

@Jonne & @FManga
Would you two be willing to merge ‘Robots’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ into a single ‘Robots & AI’ suggestion?
I think there’s sufficient overlap between the two to make them suitable for merging.
(Often people imagine AIs as having robotic bodies.)

I currently have ‘Pokitto Schematics’ and ‘Electronic Circuits’ listed as different entries since they are effectively two different subjects.
Would you be happy to have those two suggestions merged into ‘Electronic Circuits & Schematics’?
(Which would effectively be a superset of the two suggestions.)

I’m not just thinking of the poll limit issue, but reducing the number of options would make it easier for to people to decide and merging these to make them broader categories would give people more options if they get picked as final themes.


As an alternative, you could also ask everyone who has made suggestions, to narrow them down to only 3?


That would take 14 options out of the running, leaving us with 16 (not accounting for the withdrawals or merges).

It could work if I increased the number from 3 though.
If I upped that to 5, that would remove 9 options, giving us ~21 options.
After other removals and merging, it might fit.

I think I’ll wait to see what people say about the merge suggestions though.
If nobody comes forward then I’ll voluntarily withdraw more of my suggestions.


Sure, go ahead :slight_smile:


I’ll wait for @jonne to agree too.

If both of my merge suggestions are accepted, I’ll voluntarily withdraw the following 4 of my suggestions to take us down to 20:

  • Mythical Creatures
  • Norsemen
  • Ukiyo-e
  • Fractals


That’s a pitty, I would have voted for fractals :slight_smile:


I thought Ukiyo-e was a pretty interesting/original idea.


@sbmrgd & @FManga
If I don’t drop Fractals or Ukiyo-e I’d have to drop History, Nature or Steampunkism.

It’s either that or I keep them and we have to have the split vote.

There’s been practically no activity on my Discourse thread so it looks like that won’t be resolved for a while.


@Pharap, you don’t have to take my opinion into account. You can choose whatever you want.


@Pharap , I fed the thread into the Batcomputer, and this is what it replied:

  • Abandoned Places
  • Ancient Mechanisms
  • Anime & Cartoon
  • Best Friends
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Fantasy RPG
  • Geometry & Fractals
  • Natural Beauty
  • Retro Game Look
  • Robots
  • Sea Creatures
  • Steampunk/Cyberpunk
  • Space Opera
  • Ukiyo-e

Time for vote, no?


14’s a bit of a drastic drop.

So I’ll take that list, but I’m going to split Steampunkism and Cyberpunkism into two because they’re fundamentally different and tack an ‘& AI’ onto Robots and keep History as an option (Norsemen probably count as History anyway).

And thus the poll is open.


Sorry for late response, kind of busy day. Feel free to merge and I think Space Opera can go in Robots(do this please!) and AI.

But I see the hand of god shake the list and choose wisely to solve all of our problems.


That’s was exactly my plan. I’ve not double checked but I read somewhere that:
If the work of art is older than about 100 years, then there is no copyright and the work is in the public domain. Starting from a personal photo of the real art is even more safe. For older/Iconic paints (Monalisa, Starry Night or one of this list as example ) it seems there are no limitation at all.
But subject is complex and at the end, original piece of art will be a great addition to the game.


No worries.
The 20-option limit was completely unexpected.

In hindsight maybe I was being a bit over-courteous and should have just made some executive decisions.
We’ve got the list now anyway.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Britain it varies depending on the kind of thing being copyrighted.
For art it’s 70.

That’s the idea.

If we were going to just scale down existing art then we could have done that without a competition.
Encouraging people to get creative and create original art pieces will make the final results more special anyway.