Pok15 Art Contest - Themes

Part of the Pok15 Art Contest.


This thread is for submitting theme ideas, and will later host the poll for the ideas.

To submit a theme suggestion, simply post a comment in reply to this thread.
Please make sure the name of your theme is in bold so it’s easier to spot when themes are being collected for polling.

Suggestions may also be constraints, e.g. “use the Pico8 colour palette”,
however such suggestions are open to additional scrutiny as they may have a greater impact on the difficulty of the competition.

Remember that there will be a polling stage, so any likes made on comments that suggest themes will not impact the final decision.
That said, likes are a good thing, so do feel free to like people’s suggestions, as long as you are aware that your likes won’t impact the results of the poll.

Lastly, themes will be open to interpretation, so make of that what you will.


There are 16 ideas to choose from.
Thankfully you may select up to 5 themes to make choosing easier.

When choosing a theme, think about which themes are going to be most useful for creating art and which themes you enjoy the most.

Also bear in mind that the format of the images required for the contest:
160x160 pixels using 16 colours

The poll will be closed next Saturday at 16:00 UTC+00:00 or later.
(The poll has to be closed manually, so closing may not be immediate.)

  • Abandoned Places
  • Ancient Mechanisms
  • Anime, Manga & Cartoons
  • Best Friends
  • Cyberpunk
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Fantasy RPG
  • Geometry & Fractals
  • History
  • Natural Beauty
  • Retro Game Look
  • Robots & AI
  • Sea Creatures
  • Steampunk
  • Space Opera
  • Ukiyo-e

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Note about rules/copyright:

The rules of the competition aren’t set in stone yet, but one of the rules is guaranteed to be “don’t use trademarked or copyrighted material without permission”, so bear that in mind when voting as well.

It has the implication that you cannot depict elements from well known game/TV/book series, but you can ‘parody’ them or take them as inspiration.

For example, if the ‘Fantasy RPG’ option was chosen, you could draw some stereotypical monsters such as slimes and skeletons, but you couldn’t use monsters that are specific to certain game series without significantly altering them (e.g. the Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons, Moogles from Final Fantasy, Rabites from Secret Of Mana/Seiken Densetsu).

Update (2018/05/16)

So far the polls strongly indicate that people would like 5 days for theme submission and 5 days for theme voting, so unless the polls are suddenly skewed in a different direction, that’s what the situation is going to be.

This thread was created at 2018/05/16 0:46 UTC+00:00,
so I’ll round that up to 1:00 and say that:
the theme suggestion stage will close on 2018/05/21 at 1:00 UTC+00:00.

At that point the topic will automatically close to prevent people submitting new suggestions after the closing time.
The topic will be manually re-opened some time after,
at which point the poll will be posted and details of the voting period will be added.

All times will be given in UTC, which is a global standard used heavily in the technology industry,
so if you aren’t familiar with UTC then now is a good time to learn about it and find out what UTC offset your time zone corresponds to.

Some useful links about UTC:

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I suggest the theme: Nature.

OC (Original Characters)

And a follow-up game jam idea: make a game based on one of these OCs.

I asked a friend who’s interested in participating and he suggested:

  • RPG Monsters
  • Sea creatures
  • Robots

Theme suggestion:
Abandoned places.


Theme suggestions:

  • Historic Buildings
  • Mythical Creatures

@FManga, @Zockeromi

I hope you don’t mind my edits,
I’ve emboldened your suggestions so they’ll be easier to find later when making the poll.


It’s no problem for me. It’s not exactly what i had in mind (also empty and decayed places), but it will fit.

What isn’t what you had in mind?

@Pharap just put your suggestion in bold

Artificial Intelligence
Alien Animals
Best Friends
Planet Pixel
Retro colors (C64, NES, ZX Spectrum)


A retro game screen mockup featuring Pokitto

E.g. Pok-Man, Space Pokittos, Pok-Dug, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought you did change abandoned

in historical, but i understand now, i got it wrong

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geometric shapes
ancient mechanisim


Woo! Me like that idea.


Instantly made me think of:


Please remember to try to get the word out through any means you can think of.

Twittgram, Instabook, Facer.
4-cha… Ok maybe not. :P
Bebo (does anyone even use Bebo anymore?)

Just under a day left for suggestions.

A few new suggestions:

  • Steampunkism
  • Antiques
  • Tapestry
  • Norsemen
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Three more suggestions:

  • Ukiyo-e
  • Fractals
  • Expressionism

Just under 4 hours to go.

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Some entries that’s I’m not sure can fit with the competition, is original stuff a requirement?

  • Famous paint (Easy done, just copy and past, maybe add some historical background)
  • Game covers (That’s would be fun, credits/rights will be difficult)

and others:

  • Pokitto schematics / electronic circuits
  • Space opera
  • Epic fantasy

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