Points from tuomo

Joe (14 + TAS):
Gameplay controls: 3 points. Controls are clear, once you try them. Playing also feels fun, not too slow nor too fast.
Play time: 3 points. Play time, even when short, is very fun. “hours of entartainment” doesnt really suit it, since the game is too short in my opinion. 15 minutes is enough to pass this game, but its 15 minutes well spent!
Presentation: 3 points. I’d give 4 if i could. I love the graphics, sound effects and music. The beginning where the volumestuff just turn black n white and joe walks trough the credits is amazing. The sound is good, but glitches from time to time. like when you open the map, the sound glitches if you move the other buttons. also sometimes you have to open the map, the screen glitches and you nees to close and open it again.
Story: 2 points. Story is cool, but too short, and no middle scenes, only in the end and start.
Punk theme: 1 point. game is very cute, and only “punk” thing is the music and the writing on the walls.
Community involvement: i guess 2 points. Uses TAS.

SteamRocketGlider (7 + TAS) :
Simple game, simple review.
Gameplay: Simple. 2 points. The controls are a little slow, but overall good.
Play time: 1 point. fun in the beginning, but gets boring quite quickly. there isn’t really a lot to do.
Presentation: 2 points. Plain, but it works.
Story: 0 points. There is no story.
Punk: 1 point. kinda steampunk, since the glider uses steam.
Community: 1 point i guess
Uses TAS.

Pandemic ( 12 + TAS):
similar to SteamRocketGlider, but different controls and meaning.
Gameplay: 3 points. Works well, and is clear.
Play time: 2 points. It’s fun, and can keep you occupied for like 30 mins.
Presentation 2 points. Pretty ok, good graphics, sound is nice.
Story: 2 points. Very good, and relevant to the situation now.
Punk: 1 point. Not really, nothing related to it except maybe the design
Community: 2 points i guess
Uses TAS.

NanoPhageZero (13 + TAS):
Very well done.
Gameplay: 2 points. Very fun gameplay. sometimes still gets confusing.
Play time: 2 points. Takes like 15-30 mins to complete. Sometimes gets kinda boring, but still good.
Presentation: 2 points. very well done, and good graphicks and sound. Sometimes still it is kinda confusing.
Story: 2 points. Short, but good. Nice plot and end.
Punk: 3 points. 100% Cyberpunk.
Community: 2 points i guess
Uses TAS.

Steam Driller (12 + TAS):
not for me
Gameplay: 1 point. VERY confusing. i dont really get the point of the game.
Play Time: 1 point. Levels, but gets boring quickly.
Presentation: 3 points. Nice graphics and sound, but the screen is a little too high in my opinion.
Story: 2 points. Ok story, but there is no in-game story.
Punk: 3 points. Steampunk 100%
Community: 2 points i guess
Uses TAS.

My favourie of all the games was Joe, clearly. i love the story, and the main character.


Very strict on the scoring, I know who to impress next time :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Tuomo. Very precise and clean review. You nail the point on our entry defects.

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