Please pay attention to the case of filenames

Unlike on windows on linux/macosx ‘file.h’ and ‘File.h’ are two different filenames and so is ‘Pokittodisplay.h’ and ‘PokittoDisplay.h’. So please pay attention this when sending PRs. I will try to setup a CI to catch this on the PR.

@jonne, expect a request for travis integration in a bit.

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Yes, we Windows coders tend to forget it easily :slight_smile:

Continuos Integration would be great!

Edit: is it possible to run also module tests with CI?

Thanks @ensonic ! I added you as contributor, and I really appreciate your help. Same goes for @Hanski.

As a coder, I have always been interested in the low-level bitbanging “hacking sausage and potatos together with ketchup” kind of stuff. I haven’t paid attention to the “finer details of coding and life” and I appreciate your deeper knowledge on these things.

@Hanski: when you add new cool stuf, please go to project properties - targets - and duplicate a target from “HelloWorld_win” to “AnotherThing_win”. In this way we can start building up a library of examples and maintain the “HelloWorld” as the basic level project

I was wondering which is the right way to go: make a big “test target” where to collect all test/demo code or make own target for each test. I have implemented very simple test dialog which could start a lot of test cases.

I think its better to have several targets because there will probably be different kind of demos by different authors. No need to make it monolithic, when there is asuch a nice project target system already existing

Ok, lets do it that way.

Yes, we can run tests, generate code coverage and what now. Lets set these tings up step by step :slight_smile:

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Oh, I totally have these phases too. But for community projects, libraries and shared code it is nice to have good tooling.