Please, make a POP file of your game [Request to all coders]

As you probably know, there is a new shiny loader, “Kraken” by @bl_ackrain. That makes possible to use e.g. nice loading screens, screenshots and icons for applications in SD. For that you have to convert the bin file to a pop file, which contains the pictures etc. Without a pop file your game will be shown with a generic icon and no screenshots are visible in the next Pokitto Game Disk release.

Here are the instructions: [Wiki]POP files

Here is how you can take the new loader into use in your SD card: [Loader] Kraken [new version]

Put the pop file in the existing “[Game]” topic for the game. Keep the bin file there also.

Do not hesitate to ask if you have problems with creating a pop file with a makepop tool!


is this still valid? -




Where should we ‘POP’ them? Here good enough?

Noggin.pop (465.4 KB)
pokittaire.pop (299.1 KB)
Sensitive.pop (568.0 KB)

[edit] That’s the latest, newest workingest version of sensitive with proper tracker based music that sounds right :slight_smile:

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Here are the latest NeoRetro games releases POP files.

RAYNE2v11.pop (527.3 KB)
CutieCritters_v11.pop (311.2 KB)

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Great! Let’s put them where the bin files are, to the existing “[game]” topics.

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Can we have them as well as the .bin files rather than replacing the .bin files?

Personally I find .bin files a lot easier to use.

Yes, keep the bin files also there. They are probably needed for USB flashing (not from SD).

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