PlatformIO - Other IDEs


So, I just checked the list of IDEs supported by PlatformIO and noticed a ton I didn’t realise were available…

According to :

IDE Integration with Cloud9, Codeanywhere, Eclipse Che, Atom, CLion, CodeBlocks, Eclipse, Emacs, NetBeans, Qt Creator, Sublime Text, Vim, Visual Studio

So in the new year I might have a look to see if I can get any of these working if I get the chance.
(Probably Visual Studio first because it’s by far my favourite IDE.)


I know by experience that Atom works great.
I’ll give NetBeans and Eclipse a try later after the holidays! Maybe even Qt creator. Hopefully not too much later from now.

Reading the documentation on the website, it looks like the integration with eclipse and NetBeans is pretty much the same through the command line version of PlatformIO. So it should be pretty quick to setup and this excites me :smiley: