What types of plants do y’all keep/care for. I personally have an air plant and cactus that are always by my window. It would be cool to see what other people have and maybe see pictures.


No plants in our family. Even cactuses do not survive in our household :wink:

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I used to have three tiny cacti, but they all slowly died.
I think the last one is just about hanging on, but it looks very yellow.

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Speaking of cactuses, last summer I found baby cactuses growing among salads and herbs on my balcony. They are probably Prickly Pear cactus, which has edible fruit. I bought some fruits couple of years ago from grocery store and tried to plant the seeds. I thought I had lost them but they just needed one hot and dry summer to germinate. There is also one volunteer sweet pepper that likes to hang out with cactuses.

Besieging my computer I have army of Golden Pothos, Golden Cane Palm and Mother-In-Law’s Tongue.


My favourite catcus-grown fruit is the dragon fruit (a.k.a pitaya).


It tastes a bit like watermelon.

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Let’s see, I have two avacado trees, and since I have an American chestnut tree I try to grow at least a couple to saplings each year, I planted prickles out in the yard yesterday and there are like 10 more in pots in the kitchen and of course I have a celery plant

That’s Prickles the current oldest sapling
I used to have a Madagascar palm but my ex’s mother killed it. It was an awesome tree.