[Pine-2K][Game] Chicken Highway


Here’s my second Pine 2k game, Highway Chicken. Obviously a clone of Freeway for the Atari, help your chickens cross the highway as many times as you can for 60 seconds. A second player can join in and control the brown chicken using A and B for up and down.

Link to the repo:

Link to the zipped folder to extract in your pine-2k folder : Chicken Highway_rev2.zip (54.9 KB)

This one is particularly important to me as i had a lot of fun with my daughter recording the chicken sound ourself last week.



Looks very nice!

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Freeway was one of my favorites of the old Atari classics. More awesome work by @Vampirics.

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Finally got around to playing this one while poking through pine2k games. This is really great!