PICO-8 palette in PokittoLib


I’m making another game for the Pokitto, this time in C++. I was doing some experimentation and conversion tools and I realized that PICO-8 palette in PokittoLib is not the same as the palette in other tools and webs (Aseprite, LoSpec,…).

All colours are the same except:

10 (yellow) -> #FFF024 in PokittoLib, #FFEC27 elsewhere
11 (green) -> #00E556 in PokittoLib, #00E436 elsewhere

Is there any reason for this discrepancy?


Not sure, but maybe copyright? individual colors can’t be copyrighted (though they can be trademarked), but an ordering of colors – a palette – can be seen as a creative work (I’ve read this on some site for palette sharing).

Or perhaps the pico-8 palette has changed a little over time and the Pokitto pico-8 palette is from a specific release?

Also, isn’t the Pokitto palette RGB565 rather than RGB888, so the values will no match even if it is correct.

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Even taking that into account the first colour (yellow) is off by one digit.
(Couldn’t be bothered to check the other.)

0xFFF024 -> 0xFF84
0xFFEC27 -> 0xFF64

Probably just an oversight.

As @spinal points out, the Pokitto uses RGB565 so even with more correct colours it won’t be exactly correct anyway.
Even if it were correct, it will look different on the Pokitto’s screen compared to how it looks on your average monitor.

Didn’t take long to fix:

Great, thanks.

Sure, the palette is RGB565, but RGB888 was used in femtoIDE (from PokittoLib) to convert PNGs. I tried to develop some custom tools and I noticed this.

It wasn’t a major problem, but thanks for fixing it!

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@pharap 's pull request with the Pico-8 palette minor fix has been merged

Thanks @manuelsagra and @Pharap

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