Pause streamed music restarts when a button is pressed

I am pausing music using PS::pauseMusicStream(); however I have noticed that pressing any button seems to unpause it.

I am also using #define PROJ_BUTTONS_POLLING_ONLY but removing this does not fix the problem.

I have seen a few threads relating to issues with streaming and access the SD card at the same time but these appear to not be related as I am only streaming.

My code is here >

You will need the music directory and its contents on the SD card to test. This error also appears on the emulator.

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@jonne … you liked my post :slight_smile: Have you seen this before or does it not surprise you? Is there a way to fix it??

I use “like” as a way to signal to people that I’ve noticed their post.

Today I will take a look at this … I will be available in 3-4 hours from now.

EDIT: and yes, this is unexpected behaviour (pause is cancelled on button press)

I will have to compile & debug myself to see what is going on

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Yes … its super strange! I hope there is a really obvious fix for it.

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