P-Zero development future - you chance to have an influence on it!


I have now met or actually gone further than my original goal was for P-Zero, as follows:

I can still develop the game further, if there is enough real interest in it by the community. So, if you want that I continue to develop it, you can flash the latest binary on your Pokitto, and put your best lap time in this discussion thread :slight_smile: The binary is here:

If I see enough lap times here, I will continue the development! It is up to you. Otherwise, I am moving on to the next project. I have nice features in mind for P-Zero, e.g. simple AI for opponents, hit targets for bonus points, adding some music or fanfares to the game, and maybe even multiplay. I am not promising to do all that, but at least some.

So, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…


Edit: You can have shortcuts on the track, like in the F-Zero. That is not cheating :ghost:
Edit 2: You can also give some comments about the game, if you want.


@Hanski truly amazing job, I’m starting my Pokitto right now, expect my lap times soon :sunglasses:


Hahaha! Nice idea… better start lapping then!

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There is shareware, careware, donationware, postcardware… This is “try-it-and-tell-your-best-time”-ware!

My current best time: 25’'4 :slight_smile:



It’s already genuinely entertaining at this point. It would make a lot of sense to continue this if you want to.

I used to play a lot of TrackMania, so my feature request would be replay saving and ghosts :slight_smile: Even that alone plus a few maps, without any AI, would be an amazing game to me.


A good idea. Maybe something like saving the player ship position at regular intervals, and interpolating between them in the reply/ghost mode.

Yes, or maybe saving the player input would be better:

  • It would take a lot less space.
  • It would allow replay validation and preventing forged replays (Trackmania had this feature).
  • If you needed the positions (e.g. for seeking, playing backwards and so on), you could compute these from the input information as soon as the replay file is loaded.
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I have to say it is nice, every time i see a new demo I am so amazed at how much people are coaxing out of this thing,

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Hmm…only two lap times reported until now. Still waiting for more :thinking:

Btw. If you do not want to say your lap time, just tell that you have tested it on HW. This is feedback-ware :wink:

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What’s your best time @Hanski? In Trackmania there was a special medal for beating the map author’s time.

Tested on hardware, will have a decent attempt at some lap times later today.

Not too good: 28.6 sec.

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I’m trying to get better at it before I post a time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I only had time to do one lap but it took me 44.5 to do :laughing: I’ll try to do better after work!


I will make a class of kids play this if we have time today!


I got 27"1, not excellent, but better than the 35 or so I was getting :stuck_out_tongue:

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36" 6 is the best after a quick play

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Awesome! If that realises, I want to hear every comment they have.

We spent 1 hour with “Hello World”… :blush: