I would also add, that when it is given as a compiler argument the scope which is affects is every file the compiler uses

If it is given as a #define inside a file, the pre-compilation #define macro only influences files that directly refer to it


Won’t battery last shorter?

BTW you were right, despite showing higher FPS my programs seem to run at the same speed if I only do the #define. Though with the compile flag it seems to run at the same speed too… can this be tested with the emulator, or is it not affected?

EDIT: Okay I tested it, the emulator looks like not affected at all, runs at the same speed, while actual Pokitto runs faster now (also has some small noise as mentioned, but is okay).

Also when you’re using Makefile, do make -B (rebuild all) when you change it, I think that’s why I though it didn’t work.

[Demo]True 3D on Pokitto