Other Neo-Retro handheld consoles


But isn’t micropython working on the pokitto already? I haven’t checked, but I would have expected that elua’s memory requirements wouldn’t be much different from micropython’s. Non-embedded python is much larger and more complex than Lua, so I figured that running some form of lua would be possible. Again, I haven’t actually checked, that was just the impression I had.


they don’t seem to support anything under cortex-m3

but it might be possible with this patch


Seems eLua’s source is equally ugly, but quite well commented:

Like I say, the bytecode for Lua is exceptionally well designed, so like @wuuff says - if micropython will work then Lua should work.

Especially if the main program is just the bytecode processor loaded with some custom drawing functions, and the game code is just stored as bytecode in a file on the SD card. Then it can be loaded on the fly and ‘paged in’ to work RAM as and when it’s needed.

The compiler would only be needed for the sake of something like a Lua terminal, which would be more use as a ‘fun’ thing than a game making tool.


I am currently on a family vacation in London, so I just quickly comment on MicroPython. Afaik MP is rewritten from scratch to work in MCU devices. Probably optimized even more for BBC MicroBit, which is seemingly a big customer for MP. MicroBit uses the same Cortex M0+ as Pokitto.


Cozy and warm there?


It is snowing (!) but at least warmer than in Finland.


Anyone has any experience with Tiny Arcade?


I tried it once, and if your hands are on the bigger end it is very difficult to play. But the concept is really cool.


…speaking of Other Neo-Retro handheld consoles, the long-awaited handheld Uzebox is very near to being a reality! :slight_smile:



Wow, thank you @uXe, I am still fairly new to the world of open retro consoles and I didn’t know about this, it looks awesome!

My list of consoles to buy is getting dangerously long :smiley:

There is a big repository of games for it! And all seem to be under GPLv3! (Could they be ported to Pokitto?)



Uzebox handheld has moved a little closer to completed:


and some really cool work being done towards an FPGA-based handheld!