Open Source details?

I see on the Kickstarter page that Pokitto is Open Source, but I can’t find any details on what exactly will be open.

Can somebody share the details of what will be released open source and where?

Thanks in advance!

Will be 100% open eventually. This is more a timing issue than anything else. Until we ship, things are evolving and I have seen it takes effort to support users as soon as we release stuff. That & not wanting to see a copy on ebay before we are up and running is why we go gradually.

Schedule for release:

  • all software is opensource before shipping. We begin rolling out on github very soon. This also goes step by step, because consists of core & many adjoining libs (such as Arduboy port)
  • schematics open source at shipping. we are still adding and improving (eg. real time clock)
  • layout opensource later, at a point where we have production up and running & are able to compete with price if necessary