Open Pokitto again


today I was happy to receive my Pokitto. But after assembeling everything together, I noticed that the B button isn‘t placed correctly. He has moved while tacking the two sides together. Now I need to open my Pokitto again. Sadly it seems to be very difficult to do this. Is there any way to open the Pokitto again without destroying it? :frowning:

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I use something thin like a metal ruler and just poke it into the ridge between the two halves. Then just wiggle it a bit to open it up.

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Pokitto is assembled with Legos. It is intended to be easily opened.

Just refer to assembly instructions that came with Pokitto

yep, just slowly force the parts apart. There isnt much force needed. To prevent the buttons shifting i keep the top part pointing down when assembling.


I find it easiest to start with the bottom left corner because then you can use the gap next to the USB port to gain a bit of grip and pull that corner apart.

Then take something thin and solid (e.g. a metal ruler like @spinal suggested) and use that on the bottom right to get the bottom half completely loose, then you can do the top two ‘arms’ in either order.

You shouldn’t need to loosen it much to be able to reorient the buttons.
As long as there’s a decent gap you should be able to hold the Pokitto with its back to the ceiling and rotate the buttons with your finger until the little tabs fall into place, then you can seal it up again, keeping the buttons facing down so they don’t move by accident.


i recommend a bit of scotch tape (other brands are available) to hold the other buttons in place and oriented correctly, you can even use some for the misaligned button to have some hold on its rotation wen only slightly opening the case (about 1/3rd to halve a peg size)

do be careful and keep in mind the power button slider and lcd ribbon cable

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Thanks! I managed to open my Pokitto and correct the position of the B button… :slight_smile:
Sadly my B button still doesn‘t work as intended. I can’t push it in like the A button. Any ideas?

Can you show us a picture?

Has this something to do with this : ?

If you load this: [Testing]LOADER & test program for Pokitto

you can check if it is pressed or not.


@Rakkachi I think it‘s the same issue. I will try the solution when I‘m home. Thanks! ^^