Online Python Editor for Pokitto!

I went for a try too.
It’s fun even if I’m not used to python. The IDE with sprite editing and sim allow to stay focus on idea. The constraints make it fun. Low res, low color, no debug (and I hate no debug).
I’m not an artist, colors are a punch in the eye right now so maybe I’ll go for Black&White only version.
Never try on Pokitto so I’m not sure about speed and playability, please tune/hack as you at wish

Really a great job @Hanski and @FManga

rex (25.9 KB)

rexitto.bin (140.8 KB)



How to play:

You’re a knight on an important quest… but a pesky lizard is in your way.
Left: Sword attack. Effective against attempts to heal.
Up: Heal yourself. Makes you vulnerable to sword attacks.
Right: Block. Reflects sword damage back to opponent.

Update: Life bars change color. Lose/Win tracking. Updated license (MIT).
Update 2: Better scenery. Scene change after fight.
Binary: build(48).bin (175.3 KB)
Source: pokitto-mpy-project(20).zip (153.3 KB)
Art: Superpowers Asset Pack - CC0
Palette: Eroge Copper


In fairness that’s probably the best CC0 art I’ve seen so far.

Blimey, are we allowed to use the word ‘eroge’ on the forum? :P

It’s a good name for a palette with that much skintone… :stuck_out_tongue:

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TIP: How to print (in the emulator) the amount of free ram left for a Python program ?

Note: Do not call gc methods on every frame,as it slows down the execution. Do it just before the main loop etc.

import gc

print("Hello world!")

# Collect all freed memory. 

# Print free memory amount
print ("free:",gc.mem_free())
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The garbage collector doesn’t trigger on its own?

It does when needed but, before getting the free RAM amount, it is better to make sure about it to get the correct result.

Edit: FYI, here is the link to the GC methods in Micro Python:

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Is it just me or it feels weird that the player is on the right side? At first I was sure that the game wasn’t working correctly, and then I saw I was on the other side.

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You’re right… I was lazy about flipping the sprites. :rofl:

@Hanski: it would be really good if surface.blit could flip/mirror sprites. :thinking:

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Oh wow, this is amazing! Thanks @Hanski and @FManga! This will let a noob like me write something for pokitto finally!

I am kinda sad I won’t have time to take part in the competition, but I will keep an eye on the Python Editor and try making something with it in the near future!

One thing I think would help popularize pokitto even more, is having ability to export an html5 version of the emulated game, so we can share games on stuff like - and through those games people can find their way to pokitto :slight_smile: (We can add some pokitto splash screen before the game loads, similar to what PICO-8 does when exporting to html5).


I am going to try to promo this now (I have been away travelling and busy at work)

Does anybody have any creative feedback before I put this on twitter?

  • is 30th March enough time to code?



Looks good to me.

Looks very fine!

I think that there is enough time.

Someone native English speaker could check it if the those sentences need articles:
“using free online editor” ==> “using a free online editor”
“integrated pixelart editor” ==> “an integrated pixelart editor”
“integrated emulator” ==> “an integrated emulator”

So, if a person do not want to make a forum account, can s/he send the competition entry by mail?

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Yep, I’ll just use a pokitto email address for that.


I think a new forum member cannot add attachments. It is not absolutely necessary, copy-pasting the texts would suffice, but would be more convenient if there are multiple files.

Does the limitation concern embedded pictures and videos also?

Thanks for that heads-up. Now they can. I changed the settings.

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Looks good!

Now it is only missing a kickass bg music and Jonne rapping over it à la the original Humble Indie Bundle:

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I think “using the free online editor” or “using our free online editor” would be better though since technically ‘an online editor’ could imply ‘any’ online editor.

Originally I was going to say it isn’t strictly needed for the latter two,
but looking at the context I think it would be best to specify ‘an integrated pixel art editor’ because of the preceding ‘with:’.

I also think it might make more sense to just drop the ‘integrated emulator …’ part because it slows the pace without introducing any new information.


A better way to say it would be “test your creation in the editor”. ?