Online Pokitto Python Editor improvement suggestions


I agree about primitives, and global search/replace. Those would be very useful.


These have been requested in somewhere else, so I put them here:

  • Blitting the bitmap on screen with mirrored or rotated (by 90/180/270 degrees) direction. That would save rom also.


I also would like to have a simple “music composer” functionality in the editor, a bit similar to this:

That would be a simplified version of the above and using the same “Sprite” editor feature as bitmaps and tilemaps. In addition, this “musicmap” editor would have a same kind of rolling cursor that, if the play button has been pressed, would continuously play the notes of the active musicmap as you edit it.


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@spinal’s Music player system seems like a good candidate for implementing this at low level: Playing music


The GUI looks like a prototype, should be polished a bit, for example I’d change the fixed-width font for something more clean (except for the code editor of course).


I agree that some UI polish would be needed, but not many are good in that (me included). It would be great if you care to draw a mockup of your suggestions.


I tried to style the page a little but apparently I’m not that great at it either :slight_smile: I have some free time tonight though, so I’ll send any results if I manage to succeed.


Is there an easy way to transfer the color palette of the code project to piskel?


maybe a possibility to save/load code to/from github? :slight_smile: (this is probably not a priority)