One of my childhood wishes fulfilled

So last Saturday I went to a rummage sale at the local church they had reusable shopping bags for $3 and whatever fit in it was all covered, well I found some little glass jars I liked a franklin Spanish to English computer a 3ds cradle (which I cannot make use of lol) and this.

It works, after a little cleaning that is, though it smells like fish for some reason. I wanted one of these when I was a kid just because tv, in my pocket. Though I can only get one local uhf station that at the moment is only playing old music sort of half gospel half bluegrass stuff.
The sound is good but the picture is bad possible because we have a thunderstorm outside atm.

Now I just need a C64 lol. But that may happen soon as some company is making a full sized fully functional modern c64


Same :+1::sunglasses: I used to watch so much TV bitd :cry: I even wanted a TV watch that I saw around 1986 :+1::innocent:
Not so much these days though… :wink::+1:


I just noticed you can see my lunar sss poster in the reflection

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