Old pixel art by me

Created for and shipped with some Siemens phones. Can’t remember the year. 2003?

Falling was a 4-in a row puzzle game, Achevo was a Yatzhee clone, Gridquest was an action game and the Fortune Teller we did together with a chinese artist for the chinese market.

Edit: now I remember the color format was 12-bits (4R,4G,4B) and it was extremely difficult to design for, because Photoshop couldn’t handle that kind of a format. I ended up writing a script that simulated the 12-bit output in Photoshop

BTW, the games and the phones were crap. Only the Achevo was mildly enjoyable :grin:


Those are really good! Do you remember what resolution are they?

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128x128? I don’t remember. It was a fairly standard display.

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