Next compo - question (poll) about timing



We’re thinking about the next game/app compo (compo = competition).

The language would be Java this time, theme is still slightly open.

But, timing

End of August for deadline? How does everyone feel?

Edit : Friday 13th of September ? (you can change your vote!)

  • Too soon
  • Too late
  • That’s great!

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I think as long as it’s announced with plenty of time to spare, that any time is a good time.


i am worried about summer holidays.

Who is going to be coding then?


I could manage by the end of August, but it would be better a couple of weeks later.


13th of September?

Edit : its a Friday!!!


That is somewhat a fortunate thing, matches the theme a little.


Changed my answer as so many people find the deadline ok :wink:
Fine with me too.


Which deadline we are voting for? ( both are fine with me)

#9 July to 13th Sept it is then.

I’ll see if i can get the Itch page set up


2 whole months?


Sounds good.

Many people may be on some sort of summer vacation and unable to code for a week or two during these “two months”, so the timeframe should work well.