News from Pokitto HQ, giant robots


Hello Pokitto friends!

I know things have been somewhat quiet (from my side) for the past month.

What’s going on is that I have started a new job 2 weeks ago. Pokitto is doing well enough to pay its own bills, but unfortunately not enough to pay for my exorbitant lifestyle and the private jet I use to go to work every day (joke).

Pokitto is not endangered in any way by this change in my life, quite the opposite actually. What’s been keeping me busy is that I have had to focus really hard on the new challenges. It’s a totally different job (giant robots - no, really! We’re talking stuff that lifts 20 000 kg) and I’ve had to get to grips with a lot of stuff really fast. Now the situation is easing up a little bit and I can begin making Christmas preparations for Pokitto.

More on that later!



Congratulations on the new job! That sounds really exciting :smiley: Robots (especially giant ones) are awesome!


You do all this work on Pokitto AND an extra job? I deeply admire that.


congrats as well of course :slight_smile:


Hard working and dedicated. A true community leader.


Let me know if they need an extra C++ programmer,
I’ll happily brave the -11 temperatures for giant robots :P
(♫ “The cold never bothered me anyway.” ♫)


Doesn’t look like they keep the robots at -11:


I was talking about the outside temperatures.
It gets very cold in certain areas of southern Finland. :P

Unrelated: The Iron Giant was a good film.


Well, as a CEO you should have a private jet :smile:

Congrats on the new job!


Congrats, sounds really interesting :thinking::+1: