New PokittoLib release - please update PokittoLib in your private repositories

The core PokittoLib has been improved.

  1. sound volume is now faster to control & the level is stored in EEPROM
  2. EEPROM read/write bugs eliminated in preparation for a easy EEPROM API
  3. sound hardware volume control had some silly bugs, they have been eliminated

All mbed/PokittoCommunityTeam repos have been updated, but @trelemar, @richardames and the rest who I know are working on your private repos - update your PokittoLib if on mbed.

Github/Sim repos will be updated tomorrow.

I am currently working on sound at the moment and sound quality is going to improve further in the coming days.

New gamedisk version also coming with improved sound output etc.


Thanks for the heads up, all up to date now. Can’t wait to see the continued improvements to sound and EEPROM. In the morning I’ll have to update Polar Parcel quick since the clipping bug was fixed and it was pretty noticeable in some areas in that game.


Question! Is it better to use the SDCard or the EEPROM for storing save data? EEPROM reminds me that they usually have a lower erase cycle than SDCards

at 200 000 - 300 000 cycles its not really something to be very worried about


55 times per day for 10 years should be totally OK indeed haha

One thing you can do however: before saving data, check that the data has actually changed. There is no need to run an EEPROM write cycle if there is no new information to store. That will already save a lot of cycles.


Yeah, a good old dirty flag will do

Hi Jonne – I’m glad to have my Pokitto projects be under the Pokitto Community Team, I just don’t know how to move it there. If it’s moved there, would I make patches via pull request? I’ll update in the mean time.

No need for a flag, you just read the EEPROM, check if the value is the same as what is about to be written, and then don’t bother writing if it’s the same.

This functionality is built into Arduino’s EEPROM library as EEPROM.update.
I’m not sure about the Pokitto but I think the API is the same.

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Yeah that’s probably better for most cases

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