New gamedisk coming?

Hello, just wondered if there was a new gamedisk collection coming anytime with all the newer stuff added?


The gamedisk is setup as a github repo:

New games are added by the developers when they get released. As such not all developers have added their games to the gamedisk, but most all of them (including a lot of newer ones) are available.

Some new and noteworthy (my personal favorites) include:

So far though it looks like Pine2K has not yet made its way onto the gamedisk so you’ll need to download it, and all of the games people have made for it, manually.

EDIT: I just submitted a PR to add Pine2K (and all working released games) to the repo.


@tuxinator2009 , thanks, merged your addition!


One of my favorite parts of it being set up as a git repository is that to update your gamedisk, you can perform a simple git pull from the root of the SD card. I’ve been doing it for quite some time now and it is really awesome.


Although that will mean you have all the git history on your SD card. That could be a lot of “wasted” space and, over time, may end up prematurely filling a small capacity card.


Perhaps, but at least that way you can update from (almost) any computer, which is probably more convinient for those who are on the move a lot.

(Not that many people are likely to be ‘on the move a lot’ at the moment. :P)

Personally I’m almost never ‘on the move a lot’ so I’d just download to my computer and then copy it across.

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I do so that I have a directory where I pull the repo. Then I copy over everything but the .git dir to the disks.

Still better than working with zip files


I really should be doing that.

You can also use
git clone --depth 1
to get a shallow clone that contains only the most recent commit.


But if you use git clone you end up with a GamdDisk directory, which means you can’t do it directly to the SD card. You have to copy the contents of GameDisk to the root of the SD card.

Therefore, it’s the same as what @jonne said above.

Or, you could include the .git directory on the SD card, so you could do a git pull directly from the card, as @torbuntu suggested above. But then you’re back to adding to the git history, as I said above.

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If you want to use git to put the GameDisk directly onto the SD card, this (or the Windows or Mac equivalent) would likely work:

From the SD card root directory:

rm -rf *
git clone --depth 1
mv GameDisk/* Gamedisk/.loader .
rm -rf GameDisk

However, you would temporarily still have a .git directory on the SD card until it was deleted. With the current GameDisk release, this “depth 1” .git directory takes up 62M of the total 201M (which is reduced to 139M once deleted).

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Go careful with that one.

If one of the games has saved data onto an SD card file instead of EEPROM then you might end up deleting your save files.

I think the Windows equivalent would be

DEL /Y /F *
git clone --depth 1
MOVE GameDisk/* Gamedisk/.loader .
DEL /Y GameDisk

But I’m not certain.

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Such as custom levels in Space Cab.