New Badges. Important. Please read


I am now going to do something I wanted to do ever since I chose to host the forums on Discourse.

… custom badges!

These badges will be awarded by moderators for substantial achievements in the academic field of Pokitto advancement. You do something cool, and we will show our appreciation with a special badge.

These new badges are like Nobel awards. Equally exclusive and well earned! There are levels of achievement, and new levels are unlocked as you progress.


Only the base level (Bronze) of each Pokitto badge class is visible to the community on the badges page. The higher levels will be revealed when someone reaches that level.

AND! You can use your earned Badge as your title! Oooh! The honour! :crown:


First! I deserve a badge!

Hey I got it! Thanks!


Yeeees! I am handing out first badges right now. Hint: you can get to next level by finishing up work-in-progress games! Tee-hee-hee! :smiling_imp:


:cold_sweat: that’s unfair!




It will be awarded for participants of projects that are dragging on indefinitely, but which, if the universe was a fair and justified place, would be finalized.

In case you do not know the meme:


I decided to make the badges visible, so you can see the statistics and what you can aim for by working very hard:


My achievement senses are tingling!

(Slightly related anecdote: I once started writing a guide to C++ called “How to be a wizard”, but I made it too comical to be of any serious use.)


I wanna be the first “Game Mogul” !! (feverishly seeks new game ideas to get the second game…) :wink:


Wanna race? :wink:


Yes, but I do not really mind becoming the second best if you make your game ready :slight_smile: That is a win-win situation anyway :wink:


I got a badge for “New user of the month” :slight_smile: I appreciate it big time!


Nobody has seen “Game Mogul” yet. It’s pretty cool, I can tell you!