[Need Help] Text is translucent and not the right colour, cant resize/move text either

#include <Pokitto.h>

Pokitto::Display display;
Pokitto::Buttons buttons;

int counter = 0;
int moveY = 0;
int moveX = 0;

void setup(){

void update(){
    if (buttons.pressed(BTN_UP)){
        counter = counter + 1;
    if (buttons.pressed(BTN_DOWN)){
        counter = counter - 1;
    if (buttons.pressed(BTN_B)){
        counter = 0;
    display.fillRect(moveX, moveY, counter, 88);

So I’m wanting to move the text around and fix the colour, I’m also wanting to add sounds which I’m not sure how to do (a simple beep everytime you press up or down ect)

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Is there a display.setTextPosition(x,y); ?

could give it a shot


I don’t see it in here :thinking:


I see this in the PokittoLib

void Display::setCursor(int16_t x,int16_t y) {
    cursorX = x;
    cursorY = y;

does this move the text then?

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I think it should :eyes: try it out? setCursor should set the start of the text.