My Pokitto just arrived today and the sdcard slot is badly soldered

today arrived my pokito and I built it together and noticed that the SD card slot is not soldered very well and does not work? :frowning_face:


Even if it could be a HW problem you could try another SD card also. How did you format the card and how much memory the SD card has?

While it might be worth trying another card as a precaution, I think this is highly likely to be a hardware problem.

Some of the pins seem to be low on solder*, but this pin in particular doesn’t look like it’s actually connected properly:

This leg seems to be sticking out when it should have been bent in and soldered down. I don’t know enough about the manufacturing process to speculate on what might have caused that, but it seems likely to be the source of the problems.

@jonne might be able to offer more insight when he has a minute.

* I’m not a hardware expert, so I might be overestimating how much solder is actually needed to form a decent connection.

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My fault, it looks I may have accidentally put a wrong board in the box.

I test every board for the SD loading to work and I certainly should have caught that one. That board is also not cleaned.

I will ship you another board, apologies for having to wait



please try to reformat the card to FAT32, and then copy the contents from this github repository on it

I have already used another sd card and the sd card works with my girlfriend in her Pokitto.
when I put the sd card in my Pokitto not work.

Unrelated, but… did you just yank the SD card out instead of clicking it? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Bjoern the sd card is push eject, there is a spring that releases it. Don’t worry if you did not notice, you are not the only one

:eyes: I have no excuses…

I always try the “ballpoint pen” push and click method first, to remove a microSD or SD card from a slot I’m unfamiliar with, because so many work that way. If that doesn’t work, then I proceed to just pull it out.

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You know, when you do something you sometimes don’t even think that its not self-evident how something works. It was only later that I realized that there were so many different mechanisms in those SD card thingies.


A problem with the Pokitto is that the opening in the case for the microSD card is so wide that you can miss the reader slot when you try to insert it. Then you have to open the case to retrieve the card.

(And with me, I usually forget that the buttons are loose and they go flying everywhere and then I have to hunt them down and re-insert them in the proper places. Then I forget again and flip the wrong side of the case over and the buttons go flying again…) :grimacing:


I learned to just tilt the Pokitto on it’s side and gently shake the micro SD card out. I’ve missed the mark a few too many times lol.

I’ll admit the first several months I had my Pokitto I just pulled the card out without pushing to eject.


now i know that a push to eject slot :man_facepalming:

even if I insert the SD card correctly, it still does not work. :slightly_frowning_face: