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Is there any info about concerning which (if any) music formats we can use on Pokitto? My game is awfully quiet so far.



Rboy tracker and Gamebuino formats are supported, but I’ll get back to this soon!

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Cool, I’ll look into those. Thanks.


suggestions for simple tracker formats we should consider also accepted! with @NullMember’s tracker UI we could use different formats. the issue is most trackers are sample-based (amiga) in which case there isnt enough mem, fm synthesis (adlib) needs hardware or SID’s which is actually not so easy to emulate in software

actually @NullMember … you are studying this? what tracker format would you suggest for simple additive synthesis?

For simple sequences of tones, you may wish to consider supporting Len Shustek’s Playtune format, which is used by the ArduboyPlaytune library.

You could also consider supporting the simpler ArduboyTones format.

This way, people could use the midi2tones utility to convert standard MIDI files to either of the above formats.

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Perhaps Team arg’s format can be used?

Thanks for the playtune tip, I think I already ported it at some point in time. Theres still quite a bit of stuff (external libs) not present in the repo

I tried rboy tracker, very slow progress… it might just work though :slight_smile:

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I also looked at Team ARG’s tracker, should be able to implement that quite easily

Does gbtracker really only support 9 tracks? I’ll have to shorten my music :neutral_face:

So how do a go about playing “mymusic.rbs” in my project? Will it work in the simulator?
I tried
with no result…

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playMusicStream plays a raw (8-bit unsigned) sound file from SD

I will come back to this music thing very, very soon.

No rush, I still need to work on other parts of the game. , ill I’ll send you a copy for testing if you like, once I get the level format sorted out.

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opps.doesnt matter…

Can a sample be played from ram rather than sd card?

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Not yet. Put in a feature request and it’ll be easy to add

That’s would be really nice for small sample embedded in the code, like drawBitmap() do.
I could probably expanse img2pok to convert common sound format to 8 bit raw unsigned data… sample rate, other spec?