More details about the whole process


I would love to see more videos about the production of the injection molding, pcb and everything. Where I work we are working on a small prototype and having all the contacts and experiences you got with pokitto would be excellent.

Do you plan to do something extra? (since we are located in Norway, I guess it even more convenient for us). Maybe you can sell a PDF with details, prices, times of the stages?

Not sure if I fully understand your question. I’ll try to answer anyhow:

More “making of” videos will be coming.

Also, me & Daniel are available for contract work if you’re interested. I have everything needed to design & make plastic parts, Daniel has everything needed to design & manufacture PCBs. Pokitto is not the only thing we work on. Email me at jonne@ if there is something you need.

OK thanks! yeah that is basically it. I will ping you eventually to that email