Minit game for PC

I have read some reviews and am completely facinated by the gameplay of Minit for PC. You have one minute until you “die”, which means you go back to your home. You explore new land and learn to get farther in a minute. There are also other homebases you can discover and extend your world.

The graphics is b&w, perfectly suitable for MCU device. In Pokitto there could be some rare objects with color.


Totally reminds me of legend of Zelda majoras mask! But tiny :grin:

Nice suggestion. This rise again the questions about tiles mode in pokitto.

and also rotating flipping tiles:

Obviously a well consolidated “game engine” or “pattern” to develop tiled games, will help a lot to build in an easy way.

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It’s a very odd concept. I like Zelda-likes though.

I’m guessing this was inspired by the 3-day limit in Majora’s Mask.

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Managed to get throug it last week and had a lot of fun with it.

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What did you think about the 1 minute limit? Does it still feel like a good idea?

Well, normally i hate the idea of perma death or rogue like (there are some exceptions though, like in crypt of the necrodancer), but in minit this feels totally „normal. You progress in small steps try by try and you have multiple save locations. This concept works superb.


We could combine the easyness of making levels with Bitsy to the game idea of Minit. Then everyone could make their 1-minute levels :wink: