Mini-review: "Zombie Sports: 100m Unburial Sprint"

This game easily wins the “longest title” compo :wink: It is a two player game, where you must dig out of the ground before your mate. By pressing “down”, you can dig and collect the dirt and after that you can climb up to the surface by building a “tower” under you(!). The speed of building the tower and going up seems to be a bit random, but hammering the “up” button seems to help a little. The idea is a bit weird, and maybe needs still refining, but that is why the description says this is an experimental game. I however managed to get to the surface :slight_smile:

Special in this game: The characters look like Lemmings, the environment looks like Lemmings, but it is not.


  • The distance meter would be nice
  • Please, make Lemmings next :wink:

Thanks Hanski!

This “game” was just something I managed to put together in 1-2 days after deciding I wanted to do something with Java for the compo.

It is a bit of an experiment also: as you may notice it has a “destructible” pixel level map, which is something we would need for a Lemmings or a Worms -like game.

Pokitto has too little memory to handle a destructible map the same way as Worms. In this little experimental game the background is tiled graphics overlayed by a 110 x 352 mask which is stretched 2x in X and Y directions, allowing a level that is 220 px wide and 704 px high. Pixels are stored as bits, so 8 pixels (on / off) fit into one byte.

A Lemmingsitto / Wormitto -game is definitely going to come out of this experiment!


Amazing work in few days only! A very good base for Lemmings etc.