Mini-review: PokiEvil4

This is a mini-review of the PokiEvil4 game made by @bl_ackrain


There is very little info of the backstory or the aim of the game except, that is a recreation of Resident
Evil demake. The pixel graphics of this game is just beautiful. It reminds me of Ghost and Goblins, but this game has a bit more modern setting. The controls work very well, you can move, jump and shoot. The platforms in the game could be a bit more distinctive, so they would be noticed more easily. I found it hard to both shoot and jump (because of me, not the game). I managed to get to the first checkpoint by just jumping :slight_smile: I could not get much farther than that so there is still to play and learn.


  • In-game help and a backstory would be good
  • Sounds

Overall, a very well made and good looking game!


thanks for the review, i am aware of all the problem you mentioned but i didn’t have time to fixe them before the deadline, i will work on it when i have time.
BTW this reminds me that i need to make a topic for the game