MicoJS Multiplatform Gamejam (32Blit, ESPBoy, Meta, Pokitto) - Going LIVE!


We are preparing a multiplatform gamejam utilizing the MicoJS online dev env (by @FManga ).

Here are the plans for the gamejam so far

  • A common gamejam for Pokitto, 32Blit, ESPBoy, Meta, and PicoSystem! As a bonus there is also the Galactic Unicorn target (a RP2040 powered 52x11 led matrix display :wink: ).

  • The online multiplatform MicoJS dev env will be used in the gamejam. It can create binaries for all the devices above.

  • A common theme. We have already voted the 7 best themes in the Pokitto forum. Those could be used if you do not want to organize a new voting. The intention is, just before the gamejam starts, to randomly select one of the following:

    • “Featuring the device character” (e.g. “Pokitto”): Make a game where the device character is in the main role.
    • “Higher and higher”
    • “Space”
    • “Japan”: Must involve some aspect of Japanese culture or aesthetics
    • “On/off”: There is a switch (or many) in the game which has a effect to the gameplay.
    • “Physics”: Must include some kind of physics based mechanic.
    • “Time loop”: After a given amount of time, the world/scene restarts back from the starting point.
  • All games are reviewed in the same category, where the overall winners are selected

  • The Pokitto, ESPBoy and Meta authors will deliver some prizes. Likely the 32Blit/PicoSystem author/community will also have something to contribute too. :crossed_fingers:

  • Suggested evaluation criteria:

    • Fun factor (overall gameplay)
    • Theme aspect
    • Presentation (audio/gfx polish)
    • Replayability
    • Multiplatform aspect / DevLog (how many platforms? How well the game is working in each platform? Or the number of DevLog entries )
  • About the Multiplatform / Devlog criterion:
    – These two would give maximum total 5 points. You can mix and match platform support and DevLog or just do one kind.
    – Multiplatform: One point for each HW platform where the game works ok (Pokitto, 32Blit, ESPBoy, Meta, Picosystem). The Galactic Unicorn support gives one point too, but the total points still cannot exceed 5.
    – Devlog: One point for each entry, max 5 points. Please write more than few lines with a meaningful content and use a distribution platform which do not require an account to read it (e.g. the Pokitto forum suits well).

  • There will be judges in the gamejam instead of free voting to overcome the situation where the community size would affect too much to the final result. Here are the people who are interested to be judges so far:

  • The suggested length for the gamejam would be 4 weeks

  • The exact date has not been decided, but soonish

  • Preliminary posters for the gamejam has been already posted to the Discord channel :slight_smile:

  • @jonne promised to handle itch.io setup for the gamejam

  • The Pokitto Discord channel for more up-to-date news: Discord

General rules for the jam

  • Please don’t use copyrighted art or other assets in your project. Try to find free-to-use and open-source ones instead, or just use your own!
  • You can work alone or in teams
  • The game must be made for this jam only and it must be made during the jam.
  • Discrimination/offensive material about any race, culture, religion etc. is prohibited

The link to the web page of each device


Sounds great. :slight_smile:

I guess itch.io would be best - at least I don’t know any other (more) suitable platform.

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itch.io would also provide more visibilty than e.g. Pokitto forum.

You are welcome to attend to the jam :slight_smile: We have really nice prizes too :wink:


Good news! The MicoJS tool is now ready for the jam. Also a new device has been added: PicoSystem :slight_smile:


And Galactic Unicorn!


That looks so good!
Can you make a game that works in GU and 32Blit screen resolution equally well :wink:

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It’s certainly a challenge! I’ve got a text-based game in mind that could work well, I’ll have to wait and see if it fits the theme.


Added the PicoSystem and the Galactic Unicorn devices to the top post :slight_smile: Also clarified the “Multiplatform” criteria.
Edit: Added links to the device web pages also.


Hello all!

I am making the jam page now. Expect launch of the jam soon.


JAM is Going LIVE on Saturday at 00:00

Jam page on itch at:


I suggest you post the start and end dates/times somewhere in this topic using the “calendar” icon
at the right end of the toolbar, so that these times will appear properly adjusted for the viewer’s time zone.

E.g. it’s almost 16:30 here in Toronto, Canada (EDT) which is: