Mbed is currently down - 2018/01/04

I went to load the bitmap drawing example and discovered that mbed is down, which is possibly related to this:

The check on mbed’s status visit http://mbed.status.io/

Hmm. I can currently open and compile a project on mbed from the US, even though the mbed.status.io page reads “service disruption”.

Yeah, seems all the APIs are back but they’re still listing the service disruption, probably in case data’s gone missing or something.

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That was my main concern, losing data. It seems like it’s back up now and my project is whole. I was worried for a while because they specifically said it was a database issue. Panic over. Now to get the embitz compiler working…

Is it possible to backup the stuff you have at mbed ? I dont assume it is something that happens very often but i would be nice to have the ability to backup locally.

Good plan.
Incidents like this are why I prefer to work with a client-side IDE.

You can probably download a copy of the project or something.

I tend to use github for code hosting and I don’t know much about mbed. Seems that it uses mercurial rather than git, so I have no clue about how that works either.
I suspect it’s possibly to clone the whole repo though.

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Never used an online IDE before. Can’t say I’m a fan.