Mbed.com called, they want your feedback

Hi all

I was recently interviewed for the “built with mbed” series. That interview will come out in the near future.

I told mbed that getting into mbed online tools is not as straightforward as it once was.

So, now I’m in direct talks with mbed community manager and their UX expert, and they are interested in hearing how you all have felt getting into mbed.

So please: any comments & feedback you want to give to improve the mbed experience, write it here and I will take it forward next week.



i only really touched the IDE part of the platform so i cant comment on the community stuff
though my main issue of the IDE is lacking any sort of intellisense like suggestions

and specific for pokitto having some hyperlink to create a new project with all the library’s and setting might be nice, not sure if thats possible


I normally would avoid an online tool, but in this case makes sense. Importing code is amazing and having everything online is great. What would make the editor better:

  • Code auto-completion
  • Settings for code formatting (i.e. I like inline open/close brackets)

Beside what is said above I think search program/library feature needs to improve. Results must be listed more char similarity based and less import count based. New libraries/programs are hard to find even if you know it’s exact name. I write “PokittoLib” and first result is “PowerControl” and “PokittoLib” is eleventh.