Making Game Pages in the system! Read the RULES here!

If you have not yet done so, check out

What you see there is an automated list generated by PHP from the pages. This means anyone with a forum username can make and administrate their own game project page!

To make a game page that appears on the list for your game project:

  1. Make a new topic on
  2. Choose “Projects and programming / Games” for topic category
  3. Start your topic with [Game] followed immediately (no space) by your game name
  4. Add [wip] at the end if your game is not yet ready
  5. if your game is not playable at all, leave the [Game] away and the bot will ignore it. Do not put completely unplayable games on the list!


  • Pokitto binaries can now be attached to the post
  • remember to put a gif/image of the game in the post so that it appears on the list!

This looks awesome! I guess we didn’t need widgets after all :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like how you don’t need to use any extra menus to put your game on the page, and you just need to edit the title. I’m excited to play all these awesome games on HW :smiley:

Also, thanks for changing the title of Arcade Classics for me :slight_smile:


Yup. It was a day of coding but well worth it.

Whats even better, I can now generate all Wiki and Tutorial content the same way!


I’m wondering – how exactly do you make a Pokitto BIN? I can’t seem to open crabator.bin with PowerISO to see exactly what’s inside it, and I honestly want to make a BIN for Arcade Classics…

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BIN is the binary ROM that is dumped in to the device. I’ll make tutorials about this very soon. You can’t make them yet, but soon you will.


The games list is very very nice!
With the mobile phone the screenshot is quite small because it is put side by side with the text.

Yep, I need to put in some CSS to fix that

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Has been fixed

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much better now!