[Magazine] Pokitto Magazine Issue 3 Theme and Discussion

Before we get started plugging away at the 3rd Issue of the Pokitto Magazine, it would be a good idea to have some discussion with the community on ideas of what they want to see in a community based magazine.

It has been decided at a minimum that the cover will be Blue :blue_book: and it most definitely will be the most EPIC magazine. Most probably ever.

Suggested theme title has been “Sky’s the limit”.

So I am curious what everyone else thinks! What themes or ideas do you all have? What sort of content would you like to see? We had some good data collected over in @Hanski’s post here.


That was me, and I didn’t find a good phrase for what I was looking for.

All I know, mag 3 will be the Blue Issue :blue_heart: and that everyone is free to start offering ideas and submissions for the magazine. I can’t say anything definite about a timeline, but I think Blue will be out in less time than the year it took between no1 and no2.


I definitely like the detailed reviews the second mag had. Would also like to see more interviews.


I hope so … it doesn’t make sense to have tutorials - such as @FManga’s assembly language article - over multiple issues if they are that far apart.


I already have an article ready, that wasn’t used in issue two :wink: